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I Found It


I have been looking for the name of the person who sings the song “Go Baby.” It’s Lupe Fiasco.
I heard it in my cousin’s car but I didn’t know who sings it — just knew that I like.
Go Baby

I Met a New Man, Too.


Kind of bizarre situation…. more later. Not surprised about it being bizarre? Me neither… that’s what concerns me.



Not that I’m trying to one-up you, Vanessa — but I recently went on a date that never SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED. I’ll fill you in later…. what is interesting, Vanessa, is that this guy also thought he was well endowed. I wouldn’t have cared if Mr. Short Stick was Mr. Baseball Bat — it never [...]

At Least 5 Red Flags (probably more)


I was walking on the beach at the end of a typical day. I love the beach, seashells and sunsets. 
I certainly don’t like what the beach does to my hair — enter the perks of the job. Good blows on any given day/ 7 days a week.
I started talking to a man walking on the [...]

Attentive Man With Erectile Dysfunction


I met Peter, a doctor, through a friend of my father’s. He was charming. I asked my usual early relationship question, “Are you seeing anyone?” Peter said, “No — I was but it’s over.” I thought “WOW” — I finally got lucky.

First date Peter took me to his house at the beach — and afterwards [...]



Jack and I would attend some of the same fundraisers and random women would come over and say hello to Jack. They didn’t know who I was — and it didn’t matter. After they would leave I would say to Jack, “Did you sleep with her? I get the feeling you did.” Of course Jack [...]