NAIL TALES®, stories told across manicure tables from California to New York State –  is now online. Nail Tales® are stories about men who lie.

What can you learn while getting a 15 minute polish change? That men call women ‘Hon’ (short for ‘Honey’) to prevent making the mistake of calling ’Hon’ (or an enraged other woman) by the wrong name. Yes. A generic ‘Hon’ is a safe endearment when coming from a lying man.

You might learn during a pedicure that the man in your life isn’t allergic to the lotion you’re wearing. He just says he’s allergic so another woman won’t smell your fragrance on him.

Why raise these doubts in women’s eyes?

Men who lie to women cheat women out of a trusting relationship and sometimes this leads to the betrayed woman experiencing self-doubt. Intuition and gut feelings are survival skills that are hard to relearn once they’ve been extinguished by lies.

NAIL TALES® are stories (with names and identifying information edited) about lies women fell for — and maybe some consequences, too. (Poor guys… didn’t think ‘that’ would happen…)

NAIL TALES® is a place to turn to when it happens again… [ : (( ] and hopefully sign off feeling a bit better that it wasn’t you… [ : )) ]

There’s also a bonus feature to NAIL TALES®. A ‘Heads Up’ – if a man breaks out in a cold sweat when you mention NAIL TALES® – show HIM (click on link) the door.

If you’re a guy — tell us some of the tales you told so we’ll know what NOT to fall for the next time. Thanks in advance….