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Below is the information I see when people post — I have transposed numbers.

[New comment on your post #9 "Nail Tales -- what does 'no one special' mean...."
Author : XXXXXX (IP: ,
E-mail : XXXXXX
URL    :
Whois  :]

I delete this. Sure — it’s on my computer somewhere but it’s not something I am looking at and someone would have to illegally use my computer to get that information.

I am able to identify the server and the city — but it takes an extra step to do that and I don’t want to put myself in that position — so it’s not information I will be seeking.

BTW — I am against these types of practice — data profiles of Internet users.

Additionally, I’m changing identifying information.  I’m not putting ads on this site — I don’t think there is anything wrong with an ongoing discussion.

If you’re uncomfortable — don’t post. You can email me. Or just read. I hope you enjoy Nail Tales and share funny, sad, bitter-sweet, insightful, epiphany moments of your lives.