Listed are the posts for January 2009.

Cheating goes mainstream: Web site helps you cheat on your partner - without getting caught


NY Daily News CATEY HILL writes:
[A study by the National Opinion Research Center found that one in four men and about one in five women has been unfaithful. Fifty-four percent of Americans know someone who has an unfaithful spouse, according to a Gallup Poll/USA Today poll of 1,025 adults.
This may explain why, the largest online [...]



[This year's teen courting ritual is "sexting" - sending nude photos of yourself to a boyfriend, girlfriend, crush or casual acquaintance from your cellphone with a raunchy text message attached.]

Soon Came and Went


HE: You’re busy? Call me back.
ME: ring ring…. voicemail ….Hi, I’m returning your call….
He didn’t call me back.
3 weeks later…
HE TEXTS: I’ll call you this weekend
No phone call. Yeah, holiday weekend…. what does weekend mean?
Doesn’t matter. Soon was 6:20 PM tonight. Soon came and went. I gave up. I realized Mary was right — [...]

Manky Man


Hayyy….I’m Bryan, my huscub is Stephen, we live in South Beach, Florida – I’m a colorist and gaylights are my specialty. I’m not the manky man in the story. You’ll recognize manky when you see him.

One day two years ago, I overheard (I would NEVER eavesdrop) Darlene (a woman visiting her snowbird mother) telling Iris (one of MY [...]

Hot 4u


What’s with men text messaging sex talk in the middle of the night? Sure, best guess is they’re drunk.
Possibly having a couple of drinks before going home to their girlfriends or at a bar having a laugh with some buddies.

Sex text ‘is what it is.’ Nothing.

HE: I want to see you
ME: When
HE: Soon

ok…. when is soon [...]