Jack and I would attend some of the same fundraisers and random women would come over and say hello to Jack. They didn’t know who I was — and it didn’t matter. After they would leave I would say to Jack, “Did you sleep with her? I get the feeling you did.” Of course Jack would deny it, giving me a “hon…..come on….¬† why do you say these things.”

OK, I figured, it must be in my head.

I’m an accountant and Jack asked me to sort through some of his papers to help him prepare his taxes. I came across a hand written list of women’s names.

The list had the names of ALL of the women who I thought (over the years) he had slept with (plus more). I said, “You’ve got to be kidding me — you made a list of the women who you slept with?”

Jack said, “No, of course not — it’s a list of women who I have a crush on.” I thought to myself, “Yeah, a list of the women who you have a crush on and slept with.”

Years went by until I saw Jack again. He was married by now. I saw him at a fundraiser talking to a woman who wasn’t his wife. I had heard Jack still had fidelity issues but didn’t give it much thought.

I said hello and asked if I was interrupting anything (like a business conversation). They both said I wasn’t so I chatted with Jack and this woman for a couple of minutes. I still had the feeling there was some connection between Jack and the woman.

Jack and I talked occasionally over the following couple of years, strictly business. I did see him recently at a social event without his wife and we got to talking about old times. I said,¬† “So what happened to the woman who I heard you were having an affair with? Do I know her?”

Jack said, “Sort of — s
he was the woman who I was talking to when I saw you at the fundraiser a couple of years ago.”


So what is Laidar? The ability to detect a lover’s past or current lover(s).¬†Intuition.

Piece of my Heart (click on link — Mary J. Blige singing)