Teens and Sexting — December 15, 2009 — Amanda Lenhart

[Pew Internet "Teens and Sexting" -- How and why minor teens are sending sexually

suggestive nude or nearly nude images via text  messaging.]

Wall Street Journal ‘Mossberg Solution’ and written by KATHERINE BOEHRET

["Lost Cellphone? Your Carrier Has Your Backup" -- Indeed, whenever a customer replaces his or her cellphone with one from the same carrier, a backed-up address book can be wirelessly loaded onto it in minutes.

But the details on how each carrier handles or transfers contacts can be a little dicey.]

["Lost Cellphone? Your Carrier Has Your Backup"

December 1, 2008 Glamour Magazine:

Author Penny Wrenn sez:

[ 'When Should You Sleep With Him?'

Not long ago, hoping to silence my moaning about a particularly rough dating drought, a girlfriend volunteered to fix me up with her old friend T. One e-mail from him and I was smitten. After a day of message volleying, we agreed to talk on the phone that night.

T. sounded as charming as he was online. I wanted to speed things along—finally I’d found someone worthy of my attention—and I suggested we meet right that minute. He agreed and rushed over to my apartment. From then on we were coupled up, quite literally, since we spent most of our time horizontal in his place or mine.

Soon enough, though, the mornings after brought a sinking “this isn’t going to work” feeling. Charmingly boyish now seemed plain immature, and enthusiastic was more like hyper. The more time we spent vertical, actually talking, the less I liked him.]

NY Daily News Christina Boyle sez:
Love in the Dumps marries heart-on-sleeve to tongue-in-cheek

[Finally, lonely hearts have somewhere to seek solace about their dismal love lives.]

[ is the brainchild of two New Yorkers who hooked up, broke up, tried online dating and, at 33, are still firmly looking for Mr. and Mrs. Right.

"They say you gotta write what you know," joked Matt Brand.

Brand and his pal Isabel Chang, both freelance advertising creatives, met through a friend three years ago and briefly dated.]

Love in the Dumps website

Teens, Privacy and Online Social Networks: How teens manage their online identities and personal information in the age of MySpace

Pew Internet Amanda Lenhart and Mary Madden:

[ new report, based on a survey and a series of focus groups conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project examine how teens, particularly those with profiles online, make decisions about disclosing or shielding personal information.

Some 55% of online teens have profiles and most of them restrict access to their profile in some way. Of those with profiles, 66% say their profile is not visible to all internet users. Of those whose profile can be accessed by anyone online, nearly half (46%) say they give at least some false information. Teens post fake information to protect themselves and also to be playful or silly.]

Rihanna & Chris Brown fight started over text message from other woman

BY George Rush In New York and Nancy Dillon In Los Angeles

It started with a text.

The explosive fight that landed sultry singer Rihanna in the hospital ignited when singer Chris Browngot a text message from another young woman, a source said.

“He got a booty call. He got a text. Rihanna saw it and she got upset. They started to argue. She got out of the car. He wanted her to get back in, so he grabbed her,” the industry source said. “She pulled away. That’s when she’s told people he hit her.”

Teens who ’sext’ racy photos charged with child pornography

Martha Irvine, Associated Press writes:

[This month in Greensburg, Pa., three high school girls who sent seminude photos and four male students who received them were all hit with child pornography charges. And in Newark, Ohio, a 15-year-old high school girl faced similar charges for sending her own racy cell phone photos to classmates. She eventually agreed to a curfew, no cell phone and no unsupervised Internet usage over the next few months. If she complies, the charges will be dropped.

In Pennsylvania, all but one of the students accepted a lesser misdemeanor charge, partly to avoid a trial and further embarrassment, a public defender in the case said. The mother of one boy is considering fighting all charges.

Whatever the outcome, the mere fact that child pornography charges were filed at all is stirring debate among students and adults.]

Cheating goes mainstream: Web site helps you cheat on your partner - without getting caught

NY Daily News CATEY HILL writes:

[A study by the National Opinion Research Center found that one in four men and about one in five women has been unfaithful. Fifty-four percent of Americans know someone who has an unfaithful spouse, according to a Gallup Poll/USA Today poll of 1,025 adults.

This may explain why, the largest online dating site for people in relationships, has a whopping 3.5 million members, according to CEO Noel Biderman. is a bit like, but for people in relationships or for people seeking a "taken" partner. Its tagline, "Life is Short. Have an Affair," speaks volumes - cheat with other cheaters.]


[This year's teen courting ritual is "sexting" - sending nude photos of yourself to a boyfriend, girlfriend, crush or casual acquaintance from your cellphone with a raunchy text message attached.]

“The Truth About Men” with Jay Brigham