Friend with Benefits

He’s a bad boy who is sweet in bed.
ME: You’re sweet
HE: Yeah, don’t tell anyone

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Out of Control Sext


Rihanna & Chris Brown fight started over text message from other woman

BY George Rush In New York and Nancy Dillon In Los Angeles

[It started with a text.

The explosive fight that landed sultry singer Rihanna in the hospital ignited when singer Chris Brown got a text message from another young woman, a source said.

"He got a booty call. He got a text. Rihanna saw it and she got upset. They started to argue. She got out of the car. He wanted her to get back in, so he grabbed her," the industry source said. "She pulled away. That's when she's told people he hit her."]

Teens who ’sext’ racy photos charged with child pornography


Martha Irvine, Associated Press writes: 

[This month in Greensburg, Pa., three high school girls who sent seminude photos and four male students who received them were all hit with child pornography charges. And in Newark, Ohio, a 15-year-old high school girl faced similar charges for sending her own racy cell phone photos to classmates. She eventually agreed to a curfew, no cell phone and no unsupervised Internet usage over the next few months. If she complies, the charges will be dropped.

In Pennsylvania, all but one of the students accepted a lesser misdemeanor charge, partly to avoid a trial and further embarrassment, a public defender in the case said. The mother of one boy is considering fighting all charges.

Whatever the outcome, the mere fact that child pornography charges were filed at all is stirring debate among students and adults.]


Attentive Man With Erectile Dysfunction


I met Peter, a doctor, through a friend of my father’s. He was charming. I asked my usual early relationship question, “Are you seeing anyone?” Peter said, “No — I was but it’s over.” I thought “WOW” — I finally got lucky.

First date Peter took me to his house at the beach — and afterwards insisted we drive an hour to meet my father. I thought, “WOW” again.

Second date — Peter accompanied me to a luncheon upstate and then a family related dinner. Now I’m thinking, “What a guy….” Peter was attentive, punctual, would call in in-between dates — like clockwork.

Third date? Skiing with my children. Things seemed perfect — a man who was into me AND my family. What more could I ask for?

Well… one Friday afternoon Peter called me from his private phone at his office, and after we hung up I realized I had forgotten to tell him something. I called back 5 seconds later — no answer. I thought, “That’s strange…… “

When I finally talked to Peter at the end of the weekend and told him I tried to reach him he was silent. I said, “Peter, are you sure you’re not seeing anyone.” He said, “I was — it’s over — but it’s complicated.”

My heart sank. I knew what was coming. I said, “Peter, is it complicated because you own the beach house together?” He admitted this was so. So I asked another question.

ME: Peter — do you own your apartment in the city with your girlfriend?

PETER: Yes — it’s very complicated.

ME: Yeah. Do you work with your girlfriend? You do? Are you partners in your practice? You are?

Then Peter told me he thought I had given him an STD (this was impossible). He said he was going to his doctor that morning. I told him to please call me and let me know what the doctor said. I immediately called my doctor — she told me Peter was full of crap (she knows my medical history) — but I insisted on going through every test possible to confirm that HE had not given me anything. He did not. My doctor said he probably didn’t even go to his doctor.

Well…. I pulled a Milicia. I called the girlfriend at their office and left a voice mail on her confidential voice mail. I figured if I called the house — he would erase it.

My message? “Hi, this is Amber. I have been dating your boyfriend. He thinks I gave him an STD. I have not — I have been tested and there is nothing wrong with me. I thought you should know he is sleeping with other women.”

What was Peter’s response when I told him I had left a message?

Peter: I don’t get back — I get even.

And then he had the nerve to tell me his unfaithful behavior days were OVER.

What a jerk. Do you know what I learned from Peter? That sometimes men call faithfully so you don’t call them. And sometimes they’re punctual because they have erectile dysfunction and they time the date with the ED RX.

What a limp excuse for a man. (CLICK ON LINK)

So What - Pink

Cheating goes mainstream: Web site helps you cheat on your partner - without getting caught


NY Daily News CATEY HILL writes:

[A study by the National Opinion Research Center found that one in four men and about one in five women has been unfaithful. Fifty-four percent of Americans know someone who has an unfaithful spouse, according to a Gallup Poll/USA Today poll of 1,025 adults.

This may explain why, the largest online dating site for people in relationships, has a whopping 3.5 million members, according to CEO Noel Biderman is a bit like, but for people in relationships or for people seeking a "taken" partner. Its tagline, "Life is Short. Have an Affair," speaks volumes - cheat with other cheaters.]





[This year's teen courting ritual is "sexting" - sending nude photos of yourself to a boyfriend, girlfriend, crush or casual acquaintance from your cellphone with a raunchy text message attached.]

Soon Came and Went


HE: You’re busy? Call me back.

ME: ring ring…. voicemail ….Hi, I’m returning your call….

He didn’t call me back.

3 weeks later…

HE TEXTS: I’ll call you this weekend

No phone call. Yeah, holiday weekend…. what does weekend mean?

Doesn’t matter. Soon was 6:20 PM tonight. Soon came and went. I gave up. I realized Mary was right — soon means never.

Maybe it was my textiquette. (click on link)

I did everything wrong.

Too bad — we would have had a good time.

Imaginary Lover - Atlanta Rhythm Section (click on link)

Manky Man

Hayyy….I’m Bryan, my huscub is Stephen, we live in South Beach, Florida – I’m a colorist and gaylights are my specialty. I’m not the manky man in the story. You’ll recognize manky when you see him.
One day two years ago, I overheard (I would NEVER eavesdrop) Darlene (a woman visiting her snowbird mother) telling Iris (one of MY regulars) about Matthew. These are not their real names. The pedicure tubs were bubbling away…..
Darlene sez:
[Matthew and I dated for 3 years. We lived separately about 2 hours outside of Chicago. Every now and then we would drive to Chicago for business. The last time we drove to Chicago together -- I had to leave before Matthew to attend a family event. I took the train to my parents leaving Matthew and his car in the city. I don't remember why my car was at my parents -- but it was. The event was shorter than I expected -- and I was able to get back on the road a couple of hours earlier than I had discussed with Matt.

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Hot 4u


What’s with men text messaging sex talk in the middle of the night? Sure, best guess is they’re drunk.

Possibly having a couple of drinks before going home to their girlfriends or at a bar having a laugh with some buddies.
Sex text ‘is what it is.’ Nothing.

HE: I want to see you
ME: When
HE: Soon

ok…. when is soon in text time?
Sixteen months later…

ME: You said we would get together soon — and we never did
HE:  I didn’t say when

No lie in this story.

Take My Breath Away  (Jessica Simpson/Nick Lahey video)



Jack and I would attend some of the same fundraisers and random women would come over and say hello to Jack. They didn’t know who I was — and it didn’t matter. After they would leave I would say to Jack, “Did you sleep with her? I get the feeling you did.” Of course Jack would deny it, giving me a “hon…..come on….  why do you say these things.”

OK, I figured, it must be in my head.

I’m an accountant and Jack asked me to sort through some of his papers to help him prepare his taxes. I came across a hand written list of women’s names.

The list had the names of ALL of the women who I thought (over the years) he had slept with (plus more). I said, “You’ve got to be kidding me — you made a list of the women who you slept with?”

Jack said, “No, of course not — it’s a list of women who I have a crush on.” I thought to myself, “Yeah, a list of the women who you have a crush on and slept with.”

Years went by until I saw Jack again. He was married by now. I saw him at a fundraiser talking to a woman who wasn’t his wife. I had heard Jack still had fidelity issues but didn’t give it much thought.

I said hello and asked if I was interrupting anything (like a business conversation). They both said I wasn’t so I chatted with Jack and this woman for a couple of minutes. I still had the feeling there was some connection between Jack and the woman.

Jack and I talked occasionally over the following couple of years, strictly business. I did see him recently at a social event without his wife and we got to talking about old times. I said,  “So what happened to the woman who I heard you were having an affair with? Do I know her?”

Jack said, “Sort of — s
he was the woman who I was talking to when I saw you at the fundraiser a couple of years ago.”


So what is Laidar? The ability to detect a lover’s past or current lover(s). Intuition.

Piece of my Heart (click on link — Mary J. Blige singing)

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