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I Should Have Listened to Milicia :(


Milicia warned me about sexting. I should have listened. A ‘pretend’ family friend (someone who had hurt me many times in the past) experienced a tragic death of a family member. He turned to drugs and alcohol and would call me in the middle of night, telling me how much he wanted to be with [...]

I Feel Nothing

It’s not so bad. It doesn’t hurt. It’s confusing. It doesn’t make sense. But hurt? No. Some people were meant to be solo and I appear to be one of them.
Sea of Love

I Feel Movement


I am looking forward to being able to report something nice about a man in my life.
Most recently, I was wooed by a man who repeatedly told me I turned him on when he thought about me, heard my voice, or saw my picture.
Literally no cigar.
Many byes.  The last time I talked to him [...]

Friend with NO BENEFITS


So once again my friend with benefits (that I never saw) has let me down. Every time I think the “relationship” is over — he calls or texts sweet talk (ok… lies).
HE: No one else does it for me
ME: You’re giving me a line
HE: No — I wish it WAS a line — but it’s [...]

Lost — Best BUDDY


No need to go into the details — but my first and best online buddy is out of my life after years of being there as much as he was capable of ‘being there.’
I will miss him but need to remind myself that our relationship was based in cyberspace — not real time.
WOULD [...]

This Never Happened


I’ll tell you the ending now.
HE: As far as I’m concerned this never happened.
I certainly wasn’t going to advertise it.

It was a pretty good date gone wrong.

DIXIE CHICKS - Not Ready to Make Nice

Friend with Benefits


He’s a bad boy who is sweet in bed.

ME: You’re sweet
HE: Yeah, don’t tell anyone

Soon Came and Went


HE: You’re busy? Call me back.
ME: ring ring…. voicemail ….Hi, I’m returning your call….
He didn’t call me back.
3 weeks later…
HE TEXTS: I’ll call you this weekend
No phone call. Yeah, holiday weekend…. what does weekend mean?
Doesn’t matter. Soon was 6:20 PM tonight. Soon came and went. I gave up. I realized Mary was right — [...]

Hot 4u


What’s with men text messaging sex talk in the middle of the night? Sure, best guess is they’re drunk.
Possibly having a couple of drinks before going home to their girlfriends or at a bar having a laugh with some buddies.

Sex text ‘is what it is.’ Nothing.

HE: I want to see you
ME: When
HE: Soon

ok…. when is soon [...]