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Knocked Down But Not KO


It has taken me almost 40 years to tell my story. Wow, time flies. I’m old! But I wasn’t when I married straight out of college. My ex moved to the west coast during our engagement (while I finished my last semester) for a job.
I flew out with my mother to find an apartment during [...]

October 1, 1971 - November 9, 2009


Well Vanessa’s sweet talker won’t be talking again. He was involved in a gruesome bizarre happening. I’m not going to say anything bad about the dead (I feel bad for his mother.)
Sweet talker was in Vegas gambling, taking pills and drinking. He rarely mixed sex with gambling (he often mixed drugs with alcohol) but something [...]

New Man


I have been seeing a man (passing on the streets) in my neighborhood for the past year — probably more. He’s always walking… alone. So am I.
We finally talked.