Manky Man

Hayyy….I’m Bryan, my huscub is Stephen, we live in South Beach, Florida – I’m a colorist and gaylights are my specialty. I’m not the manky man in the story. You’ll recognize manky when you see him.
One day two years ago, I overheard (I would NEVER eavesdrop) Darlene (a woman visiting her snowbird mother) telling Iris (one of MY regulars) about Matthew. These are not their real names. The pedicure tubs were bubbling away…..
Darlene sez:
[Matthew and I dated for 3 years. We lived separately about 2 hours outside of Chicago. Every now and then we would drive to Chicago for business. The last time we drove to Chicago together -- I had to leave before Matthew to attend a family event. I took the train to my parents leaving Matthew and his car in the city. I don't remember why my car was at my parents -- but it was. The event was shorter than I expected -- and I was able to get back on the road a couple of hours earlier than I had discussed with Matt.

I got onto the highway and thought, "Wouldn't it be funny if I saw Matthew on the highway..."
It was bizarre -- a couple of minutes later I saw Matthew's car speed past me. I thought I was seeing things. I caught up to the car and it was Matthew's car, Matthew's license plate, and I could see the back of the heads of TWO people (not a headrest). I called Matthew on his cell to let him know I was behind him but the call went into voice mail. I beeped him. No response. I flashed my lights. Still no response  -- he kept driving. So I took the risk of getting a speeding ticket and caught up to Matthew and was now driving in the right lane next to him.
Well, to my surprise, it wasn't Matthew who was driving. It was a woman and now I couldn't see Matthew in the front seat. I thought to myself... "This is very strange. I know I saw 2 people in the car."
Matthew's car started going faster and I didn't want to get a ticket -- plus I thought I was losing it.  I said to myself, "OK, maybe one of Matthew's colleagues was driving Matthew's car home and he had to stay in Chicago."
There was one way of solving the puzzle -- I could see who was driving Matthew's car if I went to the parking lot where he parked his car. I arrived at the parking lot - - no Matthew, no car. He should have been there before me. About a minute later -- Matthew drives into the parking lot.
I said, "Matthew, who was driving your car home from Chicago? On the highway?"
Matthew said, "I was."
I said, "Didn't you know I was behind you? Didn't you get my message or my beeps? Didn't you see me flashing the lights?"
Matthew said, "No."
I said, "Matthew, who was the woman driving your car?"
He said, "What woman?"
I said, "The woman who was driving your car -- I saw two people in your car and when I drove along the side of your car a woman was driving and you disappeared. Where were you? Hiding on the floor of the car?"
Of course Matthew denied everything -- denied the woman driving the car -- denied hiding on the floor of the car. I never found out who the woman was but he was probably sleeping with her if he denied she existed.]
OMG — I felt so bad for this woman — how manky – can you imagine the thought of your boyfriend hiding on the floor of a car?
Iris and I looked at each other and invited Darlene to join us (Stephen too) for drinks and we had a fabulous time dancing until 2 AM.

Darlene came to South Beach last month — I did her color — and she updated us on Matthew. The last she saw Matthew …. they were at the same wedding and he got caught having sex with the bride in the bridal lounge and he was not the groom. When asked how he got caught, Darlene responded, “He had it coming.”

BTW — Darlene’s color is xxx hot. So is her blow dry. We do her mother’s hair, too. Her mother is so sweet.

Much nicer than Darlene…

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