The Zipper

I was dating Ricky — who played handball at the same gym where I worked out. At some point Ben, one of Ricky’s handball buddies said to me, “Ricky is dating other women.” I didn’t believe him.
I asked Ricky — he said, “NO — Ben is jealous and wants us to break up so you’ll go out with him.”

Number ONE – Ben was married and having an affair with another woman — I certainly wasn’t planning on group sex.  And number TWO — I didn’t think he was correct — I didn’t think Ben had an interest in me. I let it go….
One of Ricky’s old girlfriends came into town — and when he said they were going to dinner I said it was OK with me. After all — she lived in another town — she’s an old friend — when I met her I didn’t feel threatened. They went to dinner and came back a couple of hours later with bags of food. They said they got to talking and didn’t eat the food and they had them wrap it to go. I didn’t give it a second thought. Big deal — take out… happens all the time.
Turns out they had sex – then brought the food back to make it look like they had been eating in a restaurant. I would have bought it if they said “Dinner was great — we cleaned our plates.” Eventually we broke up but it was Ricky’s call. I was heartbroken.

There’s more to the story. Fifteen years later I saw Ricky again — I was on vacation in the town where he lived. He was married by now. I was not. And my bad….. I had a drink with him outside in a public place — old friends.  We talked, and eventually it happened — he wanted to be with me. I told him NO.

I had waited for that moment. I wanted to see if he had learned how to keep his zipper — zipped. The answer was NO.

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